Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Peppermint Ice Melt and Pour Soap

Here is a wintery wake up for your shower that's cool to look at and cool to wash with, this melt and pour soap making project from About Candle and Soap called Peppermint Ice Melt and Pour Soap  that uses clear soap base with blue and pearlescent colorants to make a nifty icy bar of soap.

For this project you'll need:

(1) Clear melt and pour soap base - For this project I used 48 oz. of soap base total

(2) A blue soap colorant, preferably clear, ideally with a mica undertone - I used Sapphire Gel Tone Colorant from SunFeather Soap Company

(3) A white pearlescent mica colorant - I used "Polar Ice" mica from Keller Naturals

(4) Peppermint essential oil or another "cool" or "icy" fragrance oil

(5) A basic soap mold - my mold here makes 12 4 oz. bars

(6)  Basic melt and pour soap making equipment (measuring cup, scale, knives, whisk)

To get started making the Peppermint Ice Soap follow the instructions for each of these link:

Make the Blue Ice
Make the White Ice
Make the Ice Slivers
Arrange the Slivers in the Mold
Melt and Pour the Rest of the Soap Base
Unmold Your Icy Soap Creations

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