Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Floral Waxes

Have you ever heard of a floral wax? I have not until recently. According to The Natural Beauty Workshop during the manufacturing of absolutes the natural solid wax from the plant is left behind and that is what is called a floral wax. The wax retains a milder aroma than is found in the absolute, but its creamy texture makes it a desirable ingredient in its own right. Floral waxes can be incorporated into creams, lotions, balms and solid perfumes. They tend to be very hard and can sometimes take a little coaxing to melt but The Natural Beauty Workshop says it is well worth it.

Has anyone used a floral wax in any of their bath and body products? Since I just learned about them I have not. But I learned from the article that From Nature With Love sells several of them. I will have to take a look at some of my recipes and see if I could possible try using of them.

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