Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recycle Wax Scraps

If you are new to candlemaking and you are wondering what to do with your with your wax scraps? Do not throw them out! You can recycle the wax and use it for another project. But you are asking how to do that. Well here are some tips to get you started.

(1) Separate the scraps into an unscented/uncolored pile and a scented/colored pile. I would also recommend keeping the similiar types of wax in the same pile (ie beeswax, parafin etc) if you are using different types of wax. With your scented wax, coordinated similiar scent families together ie citrus, floral etc.

(2) Starting with the unscented/uncolored pile, trim off as much of the burned wick as possible. Remove any wick tabs or labels as well.

(3) Brush or scrape off any dirt or dirty areas.

(4) Put the pieces in your melt pot and melt them down.

(5) Once melted, remove all of the wicks and wick tabs from the melted wax with a chopstick, tongs or fork.

(6) If there is a lot of debris still in the wax, you can filter it through an old flour sifter, or other type of strainer.

(7) Once the wax is clean, either pour it into a tub or pail for later use, or fragrance and color it and make candles as you normally would.

(8) Now, if your wax IS colored and scented, you can still reuse it, you just have to figure in the extra color and scent. Mixes of colors will usually come out some shade of brown. Mixes of scents can be wonderfully complex, or just plain awful. So try to keep it simple when your are first starting out. Also I would try to keep the colors in the same families together. You may come out with some strange color that your may not like.

Would like to hear from anyone who has recycled their wax for other projects. How did it turn out? Do you have any other suggestions that might help in this situation?

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