Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Marie Gale's book Soap & Cosmetic Labeling

Are you having a difficult time finding Marie Gale's book Soap & Cosmetic Labeling? Well, you do not have to look very far to purchase one. Wholesale Supplies Plus is now a place where you can purchase your very own copy for $24.95.

The 2nd edition of this informative book has been updated to include an extra chapter devoted just to soap labels, additional diagrams and drawings of different types of labels and additional explanations about some of the more complicated (and controversial) aspects of product labeling.

This is an excellent reference source for figuring out how to follow the labeling rules and regulations for soaps, cosmetics and other consumer products, with plenty of examples.

This book explains, in plain English, how to follow product labeling rules and regulations from:

- Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act
- Fair Product and Labeling Act
- Uniform Weights & Measures Law
- Uniform Packaging and Labeling
- Regulations
- State Laws

In addition, the appendixes include cosmetic color additives and their approved uses, INCI names for common ingredients, restricted and prohibited ingredients and metric conversion charts.

If you would like to order this book, visit Wholesale Supplies Plus website or go directly to the following link Soap & Cosemetic Labeling book.

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