Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shea Butter Soap Cupcakes - Cold Process soap

If you are looking for something cute to make at your next birthday party, bridal or baby shower, then why not create these cute Shea Butter Soap Cupcakes?  Erin from Naiad Soap Arts, generously offered to help out   Amber on this tutorial to appear on Anne-Marie's (aka The Soap Queen)blog, Soap and and the Finer Things.
To make these adorable cupcakes (without the calories) you will need to get the following ingredients for 6 cupcakes:

7.5 oz. Coconut oil 76 degree
7.5 oz. Palm Oil
6.25 oz. Olive Oil Pomace
2.5 oz. Castor Oil
1.25 oz. Shea Butter
7 oz. of distilled water
3.5 oz. of Sodium Hydroxide
1 oz. Cream Cheese Frosting Fragrance Oil
1 oz. Strawberry Fragrance Oil

There is a little extra soap incase you want to add more frosting than I did! If not, have a small plastic container ready for extra soap!

The equipment you will need to make these soap will be the following:

• Round Cupcake Silicone Mold
• 6 paper cupcake liners
• Flamingo Pink High PH Lab Color
• Iridescent Glitter
• Disposable Cake Decorating bag
• Plastic Star Cake Decorating Tip or stainless steel decorating tip
• Stick Blender
• scale
• safety goggles
• gloves
• plastic spoon
• stainless steel whisk (for thorough stirring)
• one, 2 cup microwave safe glass measuring cup
• one, 4 cup microwave safe glass measuring cup
• one, 8 cup microwave safe glass measuring cup
• one, 2 cup plastic or glass cup for measuring sodium hydroxide. (I have one measuring cup I use for sodium hydroxide and nothing else and I suggest you designate a sturdy measuring cup for this task)
• thermometer(s) that reads up to 200 degrees
• box large enough to fit the mold, and at least 6 inches deep.

For full instructions (including pictures), check out the tutorial on The Soap Queen's Blog at

Have fun!


Kim and Will said...

I have wanted to make CP cupcake soap but wasn't sure where to begin. I made these a couple days ago and they came out perfect!! My first try. Yay! There was plenty of soap batter to make 7 cupcakes with a nice tall frosting peak. Thanks for the tutorial :)

Soap Crafter said...

Your welcome and congratulations that this recipe/tutorial worked for you!