Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Watermelon Seed Oil Properties

from Aroma Web

Botanical Name: Citrullus vulgaris

Aroma: Faint. Slightly Nutty.
Viscosity: Light.
Absorption/Feel: Penetrates Well.C
olor: Yellow.
Shelf Life: Indefinite/Highly Stable

Notes: Watermelon Seed Oil (WSO) is a very nourishing yet light oil with good absorption. It is a good choice for use with oily skin but can be effective with all skin types. Its viscosity, mild aroma and indefinite shelf life make it a good all-purpose carrier oil for use in aromatherapy. Other thicker oils and oils with shorter shelf lives can be blended with Watermelon Seed Oil to lighten their texture and aroma and extend their overall shelf life.

Source: http://bathnbody.craftgossip.com/watermelon-seed-oil-properties/2009/08/26/

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