Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Preparation of Perfumes

A perfume is one of the essential parts to surround ones self with a charming grace. A perfume really happens to be a true treat to ones mind and soul. A nice perfume can always wash away all stress and tiredness providing everlasting peace. There are various kinds of perfumes available in the market and if one is really looking for the fascinating one then it is very difficult to find it in the first go. One is required to spend lots of time and energy in selecting the right one.

One also requires shelling out a hefty sum of money to get a bewitching perfume. Here are some recipes for preparation of perfumes by putting one’s own effort. The preparation of perfumes will really be a fascinating task to do. It will also be a great achievement to make people enchanted by using these home made perfumes.

These are some very easy preparation of perfumes and the ingredients required to prepare them are also easily available.

Preparation of spicy perfume (150ml)

Ingredients: 115 ml rubbing alcohol, 4 tbs of whole cloves, 1 tsp Orris root

Preparation: The alcohol and the cloves are needed to be put in a jar and the orris root should be put in it. The jar should be closed and shaken for some time and then kept for 2 days so that the ingredients must settle down, although occasionally the jar should be stirred. After 2 days the mixture must be strained and put in a clean jar. This will result in a nice perfume to applied behind the ears and the wrist.

Basic Flower blossom Perfume

Ingredients: 2 cups of water, 1 cup chopped flower

Preparation: Put a cheese cloth in the bowl with the edges of the cloth hanging out of the bowl. A flower of choice and two cups of water should be put in it and kept overnight. In the morning the components should be pulled out along with the cheesecloth and squeeze the water which will bear a nice smell in the bowl. Simmer the liquid and after cooling it store it in a clean container. It is better to use highly fragrant flowers for this purpose and it lasts for about 1 month.

Perfume containing essential oil

Ingredients: 3 tbs of ethyl alcohol, 5 drops of sandalwood oil, two cups distilled water, ten drops of cassis essential oil and ten drop of bergamot fragrance oil,.

Preparation: All the ingredients must be put in a bottle and shake well and then kept for 12 – 14 hours. After that it will be ready for use. Whenever it needs to be used it should have a good shake.

Floral Perfume

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. jojoba oil, 3 drops bergamot oil, 8 drops jasmine oil, 2 drops neroli oil, 8 drops ylang-ylang oil, 12 drops geranium oil, 8 drops ylang-ylang oil, 4 drops patchouli oil.

Preparation: The jojoba oil needs to be put in a glass container. The essential oil must be put drop by drop. The Geranium oil enhances the essence factor, the patchouli essence should be put very cautiously as it can spoil the scent altogether if won’t be put in a proper proportion. The mixture should be mixed thoroughly.

Try preparing this easy perfumes and you will be proud of your achievement.


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